Quality Assurance

Management System

Management System

Quality Policy

We commit ourselves to a proactive attitude towards quality and customer service. Quality is not just another goal; it is our basic strategy for survival and future growth.

  • We shall give customers what they want by better understanding and meeting their requirements
  • We shall furnish high quality products, on time, and at competitive costs
  • We shall posture our company for market expansion, thereby providing improved job security and quality of life for all
  • All employees have a say on matters affecting quality

We are therefore committed to continuously improve the effectiveness of our QMS, provide a safe work environment, and comply with QMS requirements to fully satisfy our customer’s requirements.

HSE Policy

Hi-Essence Cable Sdn Bhd committed to provide a conducive and safe working environment that meet international standards and committed to continuously improve the safety, health and environmental principles through:

Complying with relevant HSE legislation, regulations and other requirements

Continual Improvement & Prevention of Pollution & Accident
To adopt best practicable means in order to maintain and improve our Environment, Health & Safety performance through:

Human resource development in training & competency skills
Efficient reduction in accident rate & pollution of environment
Co-operate with supervisors and managers on HSE matters
Sustainable development and Corporate Social Responsibility
Best practicable means to reduce risk, ill health and mitigate adverse environmental impact

Management shall endeavor, as far as practicable; to further enhance the Environment, Health and Safety (HSE) management system that is safe and healthy environment for all parties.